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eDiscovery Solutions: Web Hosting and Production Services

Beyond ITData storage and hosting of digital forensics and eDiscovery data can provide added help in assuring the integrity of evidence collected in your cyber security investigations. At Beyond I.t., we offer comprehensive organization and storage of data to supplement our eDiscovery services and to ensure the best possible outcomes for your legal proceedings. We work with your company or law firm to ensure that you receive the most effective support in the computer forensics industry.

The eDiscovery Process

Throughout our eDiscovery efforts, Beyond I.T. maintains strict adherence to the best practices in evidence collection and preservation. This can provide you with a clear chain of custody and record of provenance for every item of information you include in your court documents. Our technicians can perform advanced vehicle forensics for accident reconstructions and can derive the most accurate and relevant data from onboard computer systems.

Hosting and Organization

Once the relevant data has been collected and isolated through our specialized eDiscovery process, Beyond I.T. will provide storage and hosting for these documents on our own secure server. This ensures that your evidence stays intact and is secure from unauthorized access or theft during the lead-up to your legal proceedings. We can also organize and compile data to suit your needs and to provide you with added convenience.

Production and Printing

Beyond I.T. can also produce data in a variety of forms for use in a court of law. We can email relevant documents, copy them securely onto a variety of computer media or print them out for use as exhibits and other evidence presentations. Our team of skilled technicians will work with you to determine the most effective approach for delivering the data needed to succeed in your legal endeavors. By hosting, organizing and printing your eDiscovery materials, Beyond I.T. makes it easy for you to manage your evidence both in and out of court.

If you need the most advanced web hosting and production services for all your cyber security investigations, give Beyond I.T. a call today at 713-586-1846. We look forward to the opportunity to provide you with the latest digital forensics strategies to help you achieve a higher degree of success.