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Introducing the next generation of Vehicle Forensics

Modern vehicles are complex networks of highly integrated electronic systems that generate and store massive amounts of information. That information can be used to uncover critical evidence during an investigation and help determine what happened, where it occurred, and who was involved.

Vehicle systems are constantly collecting performance metrics, monitoring sensor data, scanning external environmental conditions, processing telemetry data, and communicating with other infrastructure. The collected information can be critical evidence that is extremely valuable during an investigation including:


Access event logs associated with activity such as door opens, gear shifts, odometer reads, ignition cycles, speed logs, and more.


Recover location data and navigation information such as track logs, saved locations, active routes and previous destinations.


Identify devices that have been connected via the USB ports, over Bluetooth or wireless network and all of the data associated with those device.

Analysis of vehicle data will answer key questions for investigators and change the course of an investigation. Vehicle data can help determine;


Provide insight on the sequence of events that took place leading up to an incident

Identify patterns of life and unusual events that happened around an incident

Determine timelines of activity and establish a chain of significant events


Provide historical data to show where a vehicle was at specific times

Identify areas frequently visited, new locations traveled, and future plan

Determine how long particular locations where visited


Provide unique identifiers that tie individuals to a specific vehicle

Identify known associates and establish communication patterns between them

Determine who may have been present or aware of key information during an incident

Analyzed information is presented in clean and easy to understand report rather than just a massive dump of unusable information. For more information call us today at (713) 586-1846.