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Beyond ITVehicle forensics is the science of collecting, retrieving and analyzing data from the computer systems of cars, SUVs and trucks. The amount of information that is stored in onboard computing systems may be surprising to novices in the field of digital forensics. Here are some of the most important types of data that can be found on the computers and control systems of modern vehicles.

Vehicle Identifications

The computer systems installed in most modern vehicles can provide detailed data on the original VIN number, the build number and some serial numbers associated with the car, truck or SUV. Parts numbers may also be available through more advanced computerized systems.

Data on Installed Applications

The apps installed and used in a vehicle can also provide data during cyber security investigations. Weather and traffic information may be stored. Additionally, access to Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites may be available through the infotainment center of the vehicle. This can allow individuals with access to your vehicle’s computer to acquire vehicle forensics information about you and your family.


Depending on the sophistication of your vehicle, it may store information on a number of events, including odometer readings, GPS connects, system reboots or restarts, gear shifts and connections via Bluetooth, USB or Wi-Fi. The computer system can even keep track of doors opening and closing and the use of lighting systems inside or outside the car.

Data from Connected Devices

If you connect your phone, tablet or other mobile device to your vehicle, it may be possible to retrieve information about your phone contacts, audio or video recordings, calls made or received and SMS or text messages that were displayed through your infotainment system. In some cases, logins for various apps or games may be accessible through your vehicle’s computer as well.

Location Information

Vehicles equipped with GPS capabilities can provide a treasure trove of information, including saved locations, destinations you have previously visited and other data regarding where and when you drive. These devices can also offer information on your most frequent routes as well as those you frequently used in the past.

Driving Habits

Telematics devices offer access to a far greater range of information for cyber security investigations and other activities. These tools track driving speeds, duration and distance of trips, braking speeds and other actions taken by the driver. Insurance companies may offer incentives for drivers who agree to install these devices in their vehicles.

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