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Don Malone

Don Malone

Director, Investigations

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Don Malone is the Director of Investigations at Beyond IT. He has over 35 years of professional investigative experience in criminal and civil matters. Don’s extensive career includes a background in law enforcement, covert operations, electronic surveillance/countermeasures, professional security consulting, investigations, and digital forensics.

Over the course of his career, Don has conducted thousands of investigations in the US and abroad for Fortune 500 companies, major law firms, and individuals. He is well versed in professional investigative techniques and has experience with every stage of the case from the initial claim through final disposition.  Don has been involved with several high profile engagements involving Intellectual Properties, Trade Secrets, Forbidden Technologies, Product Liability, Bankruptcy, Embezzlement, Fraud, and Commercial Litigation. In addition, he has been recognized and testified as an expert witness in legal proceedings pending in state and federal courts.