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Social Media Investigations

The proliferation of social media has opened new avenues of information for court cases. The majority of Americans have one or more social media accounts where pictures, videos, friends, likes, and comments are publicly available. The information gleaned from social media can be used to establish an individual’s character and a dive into the more risqué sites can reveal questionable behavior.

Social media investigations can find information not reflected in a traditional background check. It can be used to contradict statements made on interrogatories, during testimony or it can be used as evidence of wrongdoing. In addition, some posts contain information (metadata) that can be used to determine an individual’s location at a specific time.

Much of the information on social media is publicly available however, it can be a challenge to find it. Our knowledgeable experts stay abreast of the latest online trends, have specialized resources for identifying accounts, and a proven track record for success. For example, an investigative target recently deleted all social media accounts in anticipation of litigation. However, our experts were persistent and found relevant comments made by the target on other individuals social media accounts.

Gathering Evidence

Social media can provide a wealth of information but like any other electronic evidence, it must be collected properly to be used in court. Our defensible methodology preserves the information from social media, available metadata and other validating information so collected data can successfully be admitted as evidence. In addition, we can monitor social media websites for changing content and collect the updated information in the same defensible manner.

Types of Evidence: 

  • Relevant statements or posts;
  • Photos and videos;
  • Metadata (establishing time and location);
  • Social media profiles and screen names;
  • Content supporting Intellectual Properties theft or other wrongdoing.

Whether you need comprehensive social media investigations or a website preserved for litigation, Beyond I.T. can provide you with the right solution. Give us a call today at 713-586-1846 to schedule a consultation with us or to discuss your needs with a qualified and knowledgeable member of our team. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.