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Digital Forensics

Data breaches represent a critical threat to your business operations. The right digital forensics strategies will protect your corporate reputation against the damage that data breaches typically cause. Working with a professional cyber security company is essential to protect your confidential information and proprietary data against misuse or loss. A few simple steps are needed to begin protecting your data more effectively today.

Conduct an Inventory

Keeping careful track of the data maintained by your company is essential to provide the best digital forensics protection for this information. A thorough data inventory will also help you to follow regulations about the length of time customer information should be retained. By monitoring and tracking the information your company maintains, you will be prepared to address any computer breaches.

Create a Plan

Establishing a system for oversight of your company data is a good first step toward protecting it against unauthorized access. Your computer forensics company will help you with guidance for your corporate policy on data collection, retention and monitoring. A comprehensive cyber security plan will allow you to maintain protection of your corporate information now and in the future.

Consider Peripheral Data

The information stored on your company’s servers and computing systems are only part of the data associated with your company. Fleet cars and trucks, mobile phones and tablets also serve as repositories of information. Securing this information is essential to the process of protecting your corporate data. Your cyber security company will design a mobile and vehicle forensics plan customized to provide superior protection for your data.

Protect the Evidence

If a data breach does occur, preserving the evidence for your cyber investigation team is essential. Your first call should be to these professionals to ensure that all evidence is collected promptly and that a clear chain of custody is maintained. This data and records could be relevant for legal proceedings against the individuals responsible for your data breach.

The digital forensics experts at Beyond I.T. have the experience and in-depth knowledge your company needs to prevent data breaches before they occur. We work with you to determine the right approach for securing your data and protecting it against unauthorized intrusions. If a breach does occur, Beyond I.T. will respond promptly to provide the best evidence collection and preservation possible for your company. Call us today at 713-586-1846 to schedule a consultation with our team. We look forward to the chance to serve you.