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Smart Phone, Tablets, Wearables…

Mobile devices have become an integral part of daily life. Most people have one or more of these including smartphones, tablets, wearables and other internet-ready gadgets (IoT). These silent witnesses are one of the best sources for electronic evidence including:

  • Text Messages;
  • Emails;
  • Pictures & Videos;
  • Location Information;
  • Voicemails;
  • Social Media;
  • And much more…!

Evidence from mobile devices is quickly becoming the standard for investigations in both law enforcement and the private sector. The information collected from these devices may be the key to winning your case. You need an expert that understands the different technologies, can preserve the integrity of the evidence and provides a comprehensive analysis and interpretation of the evidence.

Mobile Analysis

Mobile devices present significant challenges even for trained digital forensics experts. There is no “find all evidence” button and most mobile forensic tools are restricted to the information they can find. At Beyond I.T., we have the experience to surpass the limitations of automated tools to get the treasure trove of evidence stored on a mobile device.

Our experts employ the most advanced and practical solutions for extracting and verifying information from all types of mobile devices. We specialize in providing you with the best mobile forensics services in the industry. If you want to experience the difference, give Beyond I.T. a call today at 713-586-1846. We look forward to serving you.