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Digital forensics activities are essential in the cyber security industry. Understanding the basics of these processes can help you to protect your corporate data and to ensure the most effective investigations into unwanted intrusions and data breaches. Here are some of the most important elements of digital forensics.

Following the Digital Trail

The field of computer forensics depends on the trail of digital evidence left behind when data is created, saved and accessed in a desktop, laptop or mobile computing device. Forensics specialists can find the telltale traces of activities that range from simply plugging in a flash drive to large-scale downloading and misappropriation of data. The evidence collected can then be used to track down the guilty parties and to stop them from causing additional problems in the future. These experts can also identify malware and can sometimes detect the source of these unwanted programs to help you stop cyber threats in their tracks.

Securing the Evidence

One of the first steps taken during cyber security investigations is to obtain physical custody of laptops, mobile devices and computers. This is necessary to prevent the loss or removal of evidence from these devices. By acting quickly to preserve the integrity of this equipment, your investigative team can ensure the most accurate and actionable intelligence for you and your company.

Investigating Inside Threats

In some cases, your staff members could be responsible for serious issues inside your organization. This can occur through negligence, ignorance of proper procedures or due to deliberate actions by disgruntled employees. Even if browser histories and emails have been deleted by the guilty parties, your investigators can often find the evidence needed to hold them responsible for the damage done to your company and its reputation. Enlisting the help of a company that specializes in digital forensics can be the most effective and practical solution for finding inside threats and resolving issues involving members of your own company.

Considering the Human Element

Along with the careful recovery of data and information and the preserving of these materials for evidence, your computer forensics team will also look at the individuals involved in the case. By taking personal characteristics, habits and lifestyles into account, your investigators can often determine the most effective strategies when addressing cyber security problems within your organization.

The experts at Beyond IT have the experience and the in-depth knowledge needed to help you protect your data against unwanted access. We can also investigate unauthorized access to your company’s networks, servers and proprietary data and can provide you with the actionable evidence needed to pursue your case both in and out of court. Call us today at 713-586-1846 to schedule a consultation. We look forward to the digital forensics services you need.