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Much of the information stored on computers and other devices is not immediately evident to the casual user. While documents, emails and other items may be clearly visible until they are deleted, technicians who specialize in computer forensics can find remnants of items that have been deleted, moved or otherwise altered. This can provide added help during cyber security investigations and can ensure the best outcome for your company.

What Is Computer Forensics?

Also known as digital forensics, computer forensics comprises a number of different activities that support cyber security investigations:

  • Evaluating the instructions received from your legal counsel and determining the appropriate scope of the investigation
  • Collecting the evidence needed from mobile devices, computers, servers and other items that may hold information relevant to your case
  • Analyzing the collected data to identify relevant material
  • Ensuring clear chain of custody and provenance for all data points obtained during the investigation
  • Presenting the completed investigation to your company for action

In conjunction with your legal team, your computer forensics specialists will determine which devices, servers and computers are most likely to hold the information needed to support your case.

Active vs. Ambient Data Collection

Specialists in the field of computer forensics can perform data collection services for documents and files that are visible and present on the server or computing device. In some cases, they can also retrieve files that have been deleted or otherwise changed:

  • Electronic discovery, also referred to as e-discovery, is the process of identifying and securing active files, documents and data that have not been deleted or deliberately altered.
  • Ambient data consists of metadata, fragments of deleted files, backups and hidden files that are not immediately evident on servers, devices and computer drives. In some cases, these ambient files have been deleted or otherwise tampered with to prevent the discovery of malfeasance by investigators.

Forensics teams use advanced tools to recover and restore files and to recreate the likely scenarios that led to these files being altered or deleted by the original user. This can often provide evidence of deliberate concealment or guilty intent that can weigh in your favor in and out of the courtroom setting.

At Beyond I.T., we specialize in digital forensics and e-discovery services designed to support your cyber security investigations and to provide you with the most compelling evidence against those guilty of intellectual property theft or misappropriation of your corporate data or proprietary processes. We work with you to ensure prompt and effective results for all your computer forensics needs. Call us today at 713-586-1846 to schedule a consultation with us. Our expert technicians will be happy to discuss your cyber security needs with you.