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The Forensic Collection Process

At Beyond I.T., we provide the most advanced digital forensics collection techniques to ensure that a clear chain-of-custody is established for the evidence we collect on your behalf. This can make it much easier to verify the provenance of information we obtain and can help you resolve your court cases more effectively both in and out of court.

How Is Evidence Collected in Computer Forensics?

During the eDiscovery process, technicians typically use three strategies to extract data on behalf of their clients:

  • Data can be harvested directly from devices that include desktop PCs, servers, laptops, mobile phones and many other computing systems. This strategy is also often employed when performing vehicle forensics and extracting data from the on-board computing systems in these vehicles.
  • Targeted data collection processes may involve the installation of a program on a storage device or server to monitor activities and save information about the way the server or folder is accessed and used in the business environment.
  • Remote collection strategies are used to extract data from cloud storage facilities and corporate networks, allowing easier access and improved speed of collection for this information.

Beyond I.T. is a third-party service provider with a proven track record for tracking the provenance and ensuring the integrity of the data extracted from these sources. This attention to detail and meticulous adherence to the highest eDiscovery standards ensures that your data can be used in and out of court and that it meets the requirements for evidence in a court of law.

Professional Cyber Security Investigations

The technical team at Beyond I.T. can deliver a comprehensive range of services designed specifically with your needs in mind. We offer digital forensics and cyber security investigations tailored to the needs of law firms, insurance companies and businesses of all types. This approach allows us to provide the most advanced and practical services for investigations, cyber security and many other aspects of data protection in the modern online world.

To learn more about the services we offer and how they can help you manage your cyber security requirements, give us a call at 713-586-1846. Every member of the team at Beyond I.T. is ready to serve you.