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Emojis are a part of everyday communications for many of us. These symbols and smiley faces are also part of the Houston discovery process for many legal firms and investigators. Understanding how emojis can impact Houston ediscovery may assist your company in evaluating the meaning of emails, texts and communications to prove your case.

Emojis Introduce Ambiguity

An emoji at the end of a communication can drastically transform its meaning or can emphasize the contents of the message. In a previous court case, emojis were used to demonstrate enthusiasm of a potential renter who backed out of a text agreement to lease an apartment. Another emoji case provided evidence that a particular individual was recruiting a woman to work for him as a prostitute. The use of emojis can be interpreted in a wide range of ways, not all of which may have been intended by the original sender. The ambiguity created by emojis and emoticons may present issues in the Houston ediscovery process.

Emojis Present Challenges for Investigators

The Houston computer forensics industry uses advanced technological tools to sort through and evaluate large amounts of data. Many of these tools may not yet recognize emojis or interpret them correctly. This could potentially create issues with the evidence collected by older tools that lack emoji reading capabilities. Emojis and emoticons add another layer of difficulty in identifying relevant information.

Some Emojis Are Proprietary

Some emojis are used solely by a specific platform, social media site or browser. These emojis may require an in-depth knowledge of the symbols and their meanings for accurate Houston cyber security investigations. Developing software tools that incorporate identification and recognition of these symbols ensures promising solutions for investigators and their clients.

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