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Digital Forensics – Network, Mobile, Vehicle  & Social Media Forensics

Beyond ITDigital forensics experts can provide important assistance in establishing an evidence trail in cases of intellectual property theft and misappropriation. This can provide valuable support for your legal team in pursuing and prosecuting these crimes against your company. The cyber security investigations experts at Beyond I.T. can provide you with the in-depth computer and digital forensics and eDiscovery services needed to ensure the best possible outcomes for your cases and the right options for your company.

Tracking Down the Clues

In many cases, the evidence of digital wrongdoing may be stored on a wide range of computing systems that use different operating systems. The technical experts at Beyond I.T. can decipher and collect information from these systems to compile actionable intelligence for your legal proceedings. Our technicians can recover emails, search histories, chat logs and many other types of data to create a comprehensive picture of the activities and intentions of your current and former employees and others who may have accessed or appropriated data from your company illegally.

Digital Vehicle Forensics

Your corporate vehicles and vehicle forensics can be a source of significant information about your fleet drivers, their destinations and their habits on and off the road. The team at Beyond I.T. can extract these vehicle’s forensic data and provide you with the most accurate and comprehensive range of information about driver activities to ensure that you have the right facts to proceed with your legal actions in and out of court.

Maintaining Clear Chains of Custody

Making sure that all elements of the digital forensics evidence you present in court have clear chains of custody and records of provenance can help you and your company to make the most effective arguments for your court cases. Beyond I.T. has extensive experience in providing clear records of the chain of custody from hard drive to courtroom presentations. Our attention to detail ensures that the evidence we collect can be used to support your cases in court.

At Beyond I.T., we offer experience and know-how to support your digital forensics cases and in-house investigations. Give us a call today at 713-586-1846 to discuss your cyber security needs with us. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.