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What Is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a form of malware that takes control of your computer and demands a financial payment to restore access to your files. Payment of these demands does not guarantee that you will get the key to unlock your computer. The best defense against ransomware is to educate your employees about the risks and to seal any holes in your company’s network to prevent unauthorized access by these malware programs. Beyond I.T. can help you to prevent ransomware from taking its toll on your company and your profit margin.

Preventing Ransomware from Obstructing Your Corporate Productivity

Ransomware represents a serious threat to your company’s productivity and profitability. As a preventative measure, Beyond I.T. employs a ransomware simulator to identify areas of vulnerability on your company’s network. This advanced system can show you precisely where ransomware programs penetrate your defenses and infiltrate your network. We work with you to test your system and to perform in-depth analysis to ensure the highest degree of protection for your confidential data and proprietary information.

Full-Service Solutions for Cyber Security

Securing your company’s network is only half the battle because cyber criminals know the easiest way through your defenses is an unsuspecting employee. Beyond I.T. can implement a Security Awareness Training campaign designed to educate employees on identifying threats to keep your information as safe as possible in the modern computing environment. If you have been a victim of Ransomware, Beyond I.T. can help. We are your one-stop source for cybersecurity and computer forensics investigative services for your company’s online resources and proprietary information.

At Beyond I.T., we are committed to providing the most comprehensive and practical solutions to stop ransomware or other malware before it affects your company’s finances and reputation. Call us today at 713-586-1846 to set up an appointment or to discuss your needs in-depth. We look forward to providing the cyber security solutions your business requires.