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Digital Forensics

Modern digital forensics can present significant challenges for investigators. Working with a company that has proven experience in overcoming these obstacles can help your business to achieve greater success in the competitive marketplace. There are some reoccurring challenges faced by investigators when identifying and extracting information from computer systems.

Technical and Legal Challenges

As data extraction and identification techniques become more sophisticated, the strategies used to hide and obscure data also increase in complexity. Some of the most common issues facing investigators include the following:

  • Encryption techniques can make data unreadable without the decryption key. This prevents the identification of relevant materials and requires extensive decryption efforts on the part of investigators. Steganography is a specialized form of cryptography that can conceal data inside a file without changing the outward appearance of that file. This makes it even more difficult for investigators to spot relevant information within a system.
  • Cloud storage solutions can also present special difficulties for computer forensics investigators. By its very nature, cloud storage involves the distribution of data over a wider range of servers and computing systems. This expansion of possible locations for relevant data can create added work for investigators when looking for data on cloud storage servers.
  • Obfuscation techniques may include the use of false identifying information, false headers and changes to file extensions to throw investigators off the track of relevant data.
  • As more information is stored online, the challenges of big data extraction may require added time and effort on the part of cyber investigators. Depending on the size of the data pool, this can sometimes create delays in identifying and isolating the right information.

Technical issues are not the only challenges in the digital forensics field. In some cases, legal obstacles can also play a significant role in the cyber investigation process:

  • Determining the origin of emails, files and other data can be challenging. This may represent a serious legal obstacle if the provenance of these items cannot be definitively proven.
  • Data that is located in several different jurisdictions may require a number of legal maneuvers to ensure access for investigators.
  • Maintaining a clear chain of custody for all data is critical to the success of legal actions based on this information.

Working with an experienced cyber investigation team can help your business to manage these concerns and to obtain the data needed.

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