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Methods of evidence collection have advanced considerably over the past few decades. Improved fingerprinting and analysis of DNA materials have helped investigators crack cases that would previously have gone unsolved. The field of digital forensics is relatively new and involves the retrieval of evidence and data from computers, mobile phones and other digital devices. This evidence could play a critical role in the outcomes of court proceedings in the state of Texas. Here are some of the most important legal applications of digital forensics.

Proving Intent 

Browser histories and online comments can be used as evidence against individuals charged with serious crimes and may demonstrate the intent to commit those crimes. For instance, an individual who is charged with poisoning someone may have performed browser searches regarding the substance used. Alternatively, he or she may have made comments on social media sites that could be construed as threats against the victim of the crime. During the Houston ediscovery process, this evidence can be collected by attorneys and then used to support their case in the courtroom setting.

Providing Direct Evidence

Cases involving financial crimes and online malfeasance require the help of a qualified digital forensics team to collect the evidence and to ensure a clear chain of custody for all information acquired from desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. During the acquisition process, cyber investigators will determine the relevance of the information stored on these devices and will collect and present only the data that is applicable to the charges in question. This can prevent privacy issues while ensuring that attorneys receive the most accurate and relevant evidence for their cases.

Establishing Evidence of Obstruction of Justice

In some cases, attempts to delete browser histories, files and other digital information can be seen by authorities as an effort to destroy evidence. This can potentially lead to charges of obstruction of justice. Companies that perform cyber security investigations and digital forensics can often recover these files even if they have been deleted some time ago. Computer experts can often determine the time at which files and documents were created, saved and even deleted, allowing attorneys to create a valid timeline for events leading up to and associated with the criminal action. When it comes to digital forensics, police forces do not have sufficient resources to properly train and handle evidence.

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